March 20, 2012

What is the shelf life of your social media post?

What is your expectation for the shelf life of a social media interaction?

How long is your content relevant?

When does it go from great social content to social spam?

Well, there are no great answers here, but thought I would share some thoughts anyway.

With so much information coming at us every day, one must be very creative to invoke discussion and dialogue. Good content will invite discussion, which should have a reasonable shelf life of a few days to maybe a month (if you are lucky).

I was checking my morning emails and reading, when once again, this same post appears. Conventional wisdom would suggest to stop following this thread after 87 comments and 5 months since the initial post.

But no, I am dead set on torturing myself to the very end here!

The post in question is through a LinkedIn Group, where a registered representative asked his peers who he might consider in shopping for a new broker-dealer.

First question you might ask? Is this how I want to inform my current firm that I am shopping around? (Rhetorical question...I do not need 87 replies please).

Second question for all 87 of you think this registered rep is still listening for your advice?  You are typing into the abyss my friends!

In short, social media needs to start with a strategy and then apply your risk. If this registered representative has not been approached by their current firm after 5 months linking this back to him, perhaps their firm might soon be making their own post?  :)


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