July 24, 2012

There is No Such Thing as a Marketing Problem

When we talk about our philosophy on RIA practice management, we often emphasize our “integrated approach” as a key differentiator. What do we mean by this? More importantly what does this mean for advisors?

We gained our expertise as practitioners serving on the front lines of both large and small investment advisory firms. Consequently, we developed an innate appreciation for the fact that execution (and results) hinge on coordination across each of the functions within the RIA. This coordination occurs only with an appreciation for how each of these functions relate to one another.

Understanding these relationships, we constantly view business issues through multiple lenses. So, when we work through a client’s distribution strategy, we naturally ask “Does this sync with your available resources? Are you leveraging technology appropriately (i.e. CRM)? Are there any compliance-related issues we should address?”

Russell Ackoff, a pioneer in the field of operational research once said:

"There is no such thing as a marketing problem or a financial problem or a production problem. These are points of view, not kinds of problems."

Anyone that has lead a successful business would agree. Business decisions rarely fit into neat, functional compartments.

The connections across your firm are everywhere. The key to successful execution is recognizing these connections and making sure that each function within your firm support one another.


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