November 7, 2019

FINRA IARD & CRD Security Updates

This is an update for all users of FINRA Entitlement tools, including IARD and CRD: Effective Saturday July 20, 2013 you are now required to select three security questions and they will be used during your login process. To avoid interruption of using the FINRA website it is recommended that you save these security questions and answers to your files.

FINRA has implemented a new login security feature for users of FINRA Entitlement applications/systems including IARD and CRD. Effective July 20, 2013, the first time a user logs onto IARD/CRD, the user will be required to select three security questions and provide a response to each question. On subsequent logins, a user may be asked to provide the responses to his/her selected security questions. See the frequently asked questions for details on how to complete the new security process. (

This new security process will impact all users, including Super Account Administrators, Account Administrators and regular users (including public accounts).

After your initial login and configuration of the three security questions, subsequent logins to the system will trigger one of the three questions being asked if any of the conditions occur:

  1. During log in, if you did not check the box “Remember this computer (Choose this option only if this is your personal computer and you trust this device/computer).”
  2. You log in from a different computer or use a different browser.
  3. The system detects a change in how you typically interact with the application.
  4. A year has passed since you have been presented with a security question.
  5. Your computer’s cookies were deleted since your last login.

We recommend saving your security questions and answers to your files, however, if you get locked out of your account you should first contact your Super Account Administrator (SAA) or Account Administrator (AA) to unlock your account. If your account is locked because of multiple incorrect responses to your security questions, your SAA/AA will unlock your account and require you to reset your security questions. If you are an SAA and your own account is locked, or if you do not have an SAA or AA to go to for assistance, contact the FINRA Gateway Call Center at 301-869-6699 and they will assist your request.


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