October 20, 2014

AdvisorAssist Participates in Launch of New Content Site for Advisors

Today marked the launch of a new content site directed towards the advisory industry.

Launched this morning, IRIS is a beautifully-designed content site that covers topics that cut across all aspects of building and managing an advisory business.

Today's launch included content from about 20 contributors, covering topics like human capital management, marketing, leadership, financial planning, and of course compliance.

Our first contribution discusses cybersecurity and how RIA firms can take practical measures to protect clients from the (very real) threats that exist today.

Our article can be found here. (We can't take credit for that graphic, but it does leave an impact!)

If you haven't already, check out IRIS to read some high quality content relevant to the advisory community.

And congratulations to the IRIS team for curating content from so many industry experts, each of whom share two things: a passion for their subject matter and a willingness to share their views.


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