November 8, 2016

Annual Renewal 2017 - Calendar of Events

As we approach the end of 2016 the preparations for your 2017 Annual Renewal have begun. You may have already received notices directly from the applicable states.

As a client of AdvisorAssist we will manage the annual renewal process. Here are important dates to remember in the coming months.

FINRA, as the administrator of the online regulatory systems, has a full calendar of deadlines at

November 14: Preliminary Statements Issued

FINRA will likely email you a Preliminary Statement that summarizes your firm's current registrations and applicable renewal fees. There is no need to send this to AdvisorAssist. We will proactively obtain and verify the accuracy of these statements. Once validated, we will communicate your funding requirements directly to you.

December 16 (FINAL DEADLINE): Payment of Renewal Fees

To maintain the registration of your firm and investment advisor representatives ("IARs"), you must pay the required fees in full by December 16, 2016. In advance of this deadline, AdvisorAssist will provide step by step instructions on how to process payment of the renewal fees.

January 3: Review your Final Renewal Statement

FINRA will provide a Final Renewal Statement to reconcile any refunds due or additional fees owed. AdvisorAssist will review this reconciliation to ensure accuracy. AdvisorAssist will also recommend additional registrations/notice filings that should be made in calendar year 2017.

Annual Renewals: Common Deficiencies

Here are a list of common deficiencies that we will look to avoid:

  • Funding Issues
  • Incorrect ADV Content
  • Missing Registrations or Notice Filings
  • Excessive Registrations or Notice Filings
  • Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) Registrations

If you are not an AdvisorAssist Compliance Client and are seeking assistance with the Annual Renewal process, please contact us at:

Brian Young


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